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Additional Services

At Elevated Exteriors, we’re about more than just roofs. We’re proud to offer multiple exterior services so that our residential and commercial customers can enjoy the ease of relating to one company for many needs.

Soffits & Fascia

Soffits are the horizontal panels, usually perforated or pierced for venting, that cover the underside of eaves. Typically, they’re white and made of wood, vinyl, or aluminum. Fascia boards run along the bottom edges of the roof and the gable edges and are also usually white.

They are not considered part of a typical roof installation job, but at Elevated Exteriors, we have the capacity to offer soffit and fascia installation as well as roofing.

Gutters & Downspouts

Without gutters and downspouts, the rainwater that falls off roofs lands on everything underneath it: people, sidewalks, driveways, plants, decks, railings, and porches. At best, people and surfaces just get wet. At worst, the roof runoff causes mold, wood rot, and even flooding in basements.

An effective gutter system accommodates all the water that flows off a roof and carries it safely away from the house or building.

We offer gutter and downspout installation for both commercial and residential customers.

Siding Installation

Cover the exterior of your home or commercial building with siding. At Elevated Exteriors, we provide expert siding installation and siding repair services. Talk to us about siding options: vinyl, stone, brick, metal, wood, fiber, and fiber cement Hardie board.

Painting-Interior & Exterior

We offer full-service painting services for residential and commercial clients.

Schedule a consultation to get an estimate for your interior or exterior painting job. Our painting services are comprehensive and thorough. We include wall prep (nail removal and hole patching) and painting of trim, molding, and doors. Outside, in addition to standard exterior walls, we offer specialty painting for decks, porches, railings, fences, outbuildings, boathouses, and sheds.

Improve the look of commercial properties with appealing color combinations and high-quality paint. Apartment complexes, retail spaces, office buildings, and other commercial properties benefit from updated palettes and fresh coats of quality paint.

Garage Door Installation

Installing a garage door is a task best left to professionals. An inexperienced do-it-yourself homeowner can get badly injured while trying to work with a heavy door and deteriorating hardware. Our experienced crews at Elevated Exteriors remove old garage doors and install new ones safely and securely. We offer:
  • New door installation
  • Broken spring repair
  • Realignment of doors on tracks
  • Broken cable repair
  • Door maintenance
  • Remote repair & installation
  • Garage door roller repair
For all your Georgia exterior service needs, call Elevated Exteriors at (770) 750-5294.